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Launched in 2011, PhD+ has trained more than 700 participants: Master degree students, PhD students, PhDs and academics from all the Faculties of the University of Pisa.

PhD+, focused on entrepreneurship topics combined with the skills and the creativity of the participant, has launched 53 business projects, 24 of which became start ups that, taking part in several business competitions, won 41 awards, like “Start Cup Toscana” and “Premio Marzotto”.
To date, these start ups, supported by the patent service of the University of Pisa, deposited 14 patents.

Moreover, 6 University of Pisa spin-off are listed as beneficiaries of Horizon 2020 Sme Instruments phase 1, 4 of which have been launched by the PhD+ programme: Econboard, IVTech, JOS Technology, IngeniArs.

In view of this, PhD+ is one of the best practice of training in research valorisation, innovation and entrepreneurship, recognized also by the Network of Design for Resilient Entrepreneurship, during the European project ENDuRE, led by University of Pisa in partnership with DK and UK.

To date, among the 24 start ups born from the PhD+, 13 of them have been officially acknowledged as "Azienda spin-off dell'Università di Pisa":


The PhD+ programme is one of the several technology transfer activities of the University of Pisa, since it is part of the 3 research projects about business creation.
Finally, it is worth knowing that 19 out of 53 business projects launched by the PhD+ had the possibility to support by professors and students of the Master in Business and Administration (MBA) of the University of Pisa.

(Last update: 22th November 2017)

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