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Contents, Objectives and Partnerships

PhD+ is a unique programme aimed at fostering innovation and entrepreneurial mind-set in students, graduates, PhD students, PhDs and academics.


The programme consists of a series interactive and engaging lectures given by national and international speakers; the main topics concern intellectual property protection and exploitation, business development, innovation management, communication and personal branding. The programme culminates in a final event during while participants pitch the research project or the start up idea in front of a panel of experts and investors. Moreover, the programme provides coaching and mentoring activities, carried out in collaboration with experts in innovation and technology transfer.


• Provide the skills that allow academics to protect and exploit their research results
• Increase career opportunities for graduates and PhDs
• Develop intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship
• Take advantage of technology transfer services provided by the University and other institutions
• Enhance the internationalization of students and spin-offs
• Improve the network of the University of Pisa with national and international technology transfer offices


PhD+ is in partnership with the Master in Business Administration (MBA): the best talents from the PhD+, selected during the final event, have the opportunity to take part in the “Entrepreneurship” module of the course, so together, PhD+ and MBA students, will work in mixed teams in order to push forward the business plans and boost the chances of success.

PhD+ 2016 is in partnership with the laboratory led by Roberta Bracciale, assistant professor in Sociology of Cultural and Communication Processes at the Department of Political Sciences.

Videos and brochures

The lectures are broadcasted on the Mediateca Unipi platform (after 10 days), while lectures of the past editions are available on YouTube.
Download the brochure.

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