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NOTICE: applications will be opened again for a short time window. The portal will be open for registration from 13 May 2023 until 21 May 2023 (at 11:59 pm CEST)


2D materials such as graphene, transition metal dichalcogenides, and other graphene-related materials are today at the forefront of scientific research, with recent promising twists in the direction of topologically non-trivial states of matter.
During the Summer School, physics and engineering students will be trained in state-of-the-art theory, synthesis, nanofabrication, and electronic/optoelectronic applications of 2D crystals.
Renowned scientists, who are currently active in this research field at an international level, will lead the training activities, in the form of a set of 12 frontal lectures.
Students are encouraged to present a poster of their current activities, as a mean to promote their work and the interaction among the other students and between students and lecturers. A “Best poster award” will be given at the conclusion of the Summer School.


To give the opportunity to students to interact with leading-edge scientists in the context of 2D materials so as to learn about subjects that are usually hardly touched during standard educational programs.

Who can apply

PhD, late-stage master students and early-stage postdocs in Physics, Material Science and Engineering



Program Intensity



Admission Requirements

Being enrolled as PhD, late-stage master student or as an early-stage postdoc in Physics or Engineering.

Required documents

  • Identity Document (*PASSPORT in case you are a foreign student*)
  • Enrolment Form
  • Curriculum Vitae

All the documents must be in pdf format, in order to upload them on the portal when required (See the "How to apply" page).

The application will be shortly followed by an Admission Letter by the organizing committee.
Instructions about the submission of an eventual poster abstract will be included in the Letter.
Fee payments will be open after the admission deadline, when scholarship will also be awarded (see Fundings section).




250 euro

Pay fees by Debit/Credit Card or PayPal online using the following form filling it with all the required data:

PagoPA - Payment Form 


  • International students without Italian Tax Code: please tick the box 'Anonymous' in order to disable the field 'Italian personal ID/VAT number'.
  • Please type your NAME and SURNAME next to the pre-filled text of the field 'Reason'
  • Please pay only after receiving the admission letter


UniPi will award two scholarships to cover the admission fees, based on a final ranking that will be produced immediately after the Admission Deadline.
Please contact the coordinators for further details


10 - 13 July 2023

Application Deadline

21 May 2023

NOTICE: the application deadline originally expired on 31 March 2023. The one above indicated is the new application deadline for the short reopening of the applications, from 13 May 2023 until 21 May 2023 (at 11:59 pm CEST).


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