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Corso di laurea magistrale

Sbocchi professionali

In the last years a big number of innovative industries based on micro/nano and bio-technologies, on biomedical engineering and on advanced robotic solutions emerged.
These types of companies need novel professional profiles, namely engineers characterized by a strongly interdisciplinary knowledge, a curiosity-driven and problem solving-oriented approach. They must be able to study, analyze and propose practical solutions in all the different areas of bionics engineering, thus allowing the development of highly innovative research-grounded products, leading the market through innovation.
The master degree in Bionics Engineering aims to train engineers with a solid background, particularly in the areas of bioengineering, biorobotics and neural engineering, but also with clear and high-level research-oriented skills. Graduates will possess a high quality curriculum that, besides opening opportunities for high-level academic positions, will also attract the direct interest of many innovative companies operating in different high-tech sectors. The multidisciplinary training received by master graduate students in Bionics engineering will allow them to play a driving role in the mentioned industrial realities, especially concerning the design, development and commercialization of bionic devices, neural prosthesis, computer-integrated platforms, aids for the disabled, medical devices, rehabilitation systems and therapeutic micro/nano systems.
In particular, master graduate in Bionics Engineering is able to access the following professions :
- research fellow in universities, research centers, hospitals and industries;
- designer or production responsible of advanced medical devices and automatized therapeutic systems in bioengineering industries;
- designer or production responsible of advanced smart materials for medical and technological applications;
- technical and/or commercial product specialist for companies operating in the biorobotics and neural engineering field;
- consultant and freelancer in the different fields related to bionics

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