Development and Harmonisation of Socially Responsible Investment in the European Union

Unipi Team Leader: Luca Spataro, Department of Economics and Management  

Key points

• Cross fertilization activities to promote discussion on the status of Socially Responsible Investments (SRI) strategies and on the need for regulatory harmonization at the EU level;
• Series of seminars and workshops on the SRI funds in EU, in comparison with other international experiences, aimed at fostering the dialogue between different stakeholders: academicians and students, institutional investors, policy makers, civil society;
• Foster the engagement of members of the hosting institution and support young researchers in research on European subjects.
• Spread content activities towards different stakeholders of SRI, academic community, civil society through an interactive website, conference proceedings, newsletters, social networking and research papers.

Background and rationale of the proposal

Statistics by Eurosif and Vigeo reports show that the market for SRI is in a consolidation phase and SRI offered is steadily increasing in most European economies. However, there is a lack of specific regulation on SRI across Europe.

Objectives: cross-fertilization, dissemination of information and policy proposals concerning SRI strategies at European level; support young researchers and professors aiming at carrying out research on EU subjects.

Activities: research, seminars and workshops;

Main outputs: publication of proceedings, webpage, newsletters, contacts for research networks

Outcomes: develop specific knowledge among the target groups on SRI strategies and regulatory issues at EU level.

Impact: on the members and students of the institution hosting the Jean Monnet Action, on other organisations and individuals involved at national, transnational and European levels, like institutional investors, policymakers, general public and civil society representatives.

Indicators of achievement: outcomes of questionnaires filled by the participants at the seminars/workshops and the webpage/newsletter, analysis of documents and debates at EU level.

Start date: 01-09-2016

End date: 31-08-2018

EU Grant: 59.314  €

Project website: http://dhrsieu.ec.unipi.it/

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