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Tuition fees: new easy terms of payment for students of the University of Pisa

The Rector states: “These measures, we hope, will give some relief to our students and their families”


Late payment of the second, third and fourth instalments of tuition fees for a.y. 2019/2020 will entail no additional payment for students enrolled in the degree programmes of the University of Pisa. Today the Board of Directors adopted this resolution to further meet the students’ demands, especially in these economically troubled times.

In particular, no additional payment will be required from students, if the second instalment is paid by 30 June 2020; the third instalment (whose deadline has already been postponed from 15 to 30 May) by 31 July; the fourth instalment by 31 August.

“We couldn’t just sit by, while the COVID-19 epidemiological emergency put a strain on the economic power of families - the Rector Paolo Mancarella says -. It was necessary to promptly take action, as the deadlines of the tuition fee payment were so close. These measures, we hope, will give some relief to our students and their families”.


Instalment   Deadline set on the
Tuition Fee Regulation
for a.y 2019/2020
 Current deadline  New deadline with no
additional amount
 II instalment  16 March 2020  16 March 2020  30 June 2020
 III instalment  15 May 2020  15 May 2020  31 July 2020
 IV instalment  15 July 2020  15 July 2020  31 August 2020



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