International strategy for the organisation

The University of Pisa has recently reorganised its internationalisation services. A recent Italian law abolished the 11 Faculties, now transformed into 20 new "departments", with key roles both in teaching and research. This has allowed a rationalisation of the roles of the various figures involved in internationalisation, gaining new energies both at the central and the department level.

Each Department now has a "CAI" ("Internationalisation Area Coordinator"), assisted by at least one administrative helper in order to manage the student, teaching and administrative staff mobility, and internationalisation in general.

In line with the University's active and proactive international stance, the central offices have been reinforced and reorganised. There are now two Pro-Rectors (one for Internationalisation in general and one for international communication). There are separate services for international promotion, for management of outgoing student mobility, for welcoming and assistance for incoming mobility (with native or fluent speakers of the most relevant languages). A central service is being set up to assist professors and researchers in responding successfully to European and generally international calls for research, teaching/learning and mobility projects.

Considering the importance of quality tools developed for mobility, the University of Pisa has implemented the automatic on-line delivery of the Diploma Supplement for all its graduates (it successfully applied for the DS label last year); and now a guided software interface to facilitate the timely publication of the ECTS course catalogue (it will apply for the ECTS label this year).

The University has joined Consortia of Universities to expand the choices of students interested in placement; it encourages students to enrol in the programmes taught in English offering special "packages" of services. It devotes a conspicuous sum of its own resources to co-financing Erasmus projects and mobility.

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