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The Summer School in Osteoarchaeology and Paleopathology is an academic program aimed at training students in anthropological and paleopathological laboratory methods. It is an outstanding opportunity for students to gain practical experience in bioarchaeological investigation by working side-by-side with leading researchers in the field.The lab-activities and lectures will be carried out at the Laboratory of Paleopathology (within theMedical School of Pisa). The Summer School will take place over the course of 3 weeks, in order to provide students with the basic knowledge of skeletal anatomy, physical anthropology and paleopathology necessary to approach osteological analyses.The skeletal materials under examination includes samples from Tuscan excavations dating back to the medieval ages. The activities will be completed under the supervision of experienced staff of the Division of Paleopathology, with the supervision of Professor Gino Fornaciari.


The school is designed to provide all participants with an in-depth knowledge of cleaning, restoring and analyzing ancient human skeletal remains. Biological profile reconstruction is aimed at obtaining the greatest possible amount of information on the environment, lifestyle, and diseases that afflicted past populations.

Who can apply

Students in Physical Anthropology, Archaeology, Bioarchaeology, Forensic Science, Paleopathology and allied disciplines at undergraduate and graduate levels.



Program Intensity



Admission Requirements

The Summer School has no formal prerequisites; students will be fully trained for all the activities they experience.
Knowledge of English language is also required. 
Proof of tetanus vaccination (or booster) within the last 10 years

Required documents

  • Identity Document (*PASSPORT in case you are a foreign student*)
  • Enrolment Form
  • Statement of interest and Curriculum vitae (available in the Attachments at the bottom of this webpage)
  • Knowledge of English language is also required.
  • Proof of tetanus vaccination (or booster) within the last 10 years

All the documents must be in pdf format, in order to upload them on the portal when required (See the "How to apply" page)




1.300 euro
(fees 1.000 euro, tutoring and lab support 300 euro)

Follow the link below for the bank transfer:


Housing and meals

Housing is not provided by the Summer School.
Participants will be provided with a “dining card” to access the students’ cafeteria for lunch and dinner. A complete meal costs €4.


Please write to the coordinator for further details.


8 - 26 June 2020 (first session) 

6 -24 July 2020 (second session) 

Application Deadline

30 April 2020


Prof. Giuffra Valentina Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo. 

Website https://www.irlabnp.org

Website www.paleopatologia.it

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