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Alessandra Lischi – Delegate for communication and the diffusion of culture

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Alessandra Lischi

Professor of Cinema, Photography and Television at the Department of Civilisations and Forms of Knowledge.
Sandra Lischi (Pisa, 1951) graduated in Art History in 1973 from the University of Pisa where she became a research fellow, researcher, associate professor and then in 2012 a full professor, carrying out her teaching and research activity in the field of “Cinema, Photography and Television”.
She has been a member of the University Choir since 2004.
She is a non-professional journalist and has been registered with the Order of Journalists since 1983.

Institutional roles

Since 2011, she has been the president of the Bachelor’s degree course in “Performing Arts and Communication”.

Scientific and teaching activities

Sandra Lischi has carried out research and teaching activities in the field of cinema and audiovisual studies for over forty years. She has extended these studies and teaching options to video art and the artistic use of new media. At present she teaches “The History of Radio, Television and Electronic Arts” for the Bachelor’s degree course in Performing Arts and Communication and the “Theories of Television, Video Art and Multimedia” for the Master’s degree in the History and Forms of the Visual and Performing Arts and New Media.
Her research activities are concentrated on the language and aesthetics of electronic images, experimental and independent cinema, video art, innovative television and the changes in the media panorama in the light of the latest technologies.
She has also carried out studies and research on independent and lesser-known productions, from those of the “southern part of the world” to those in the school environment and genres and authors not fully examined by the critics. From a theoretical point of view, she has contributed to the definition of the rapport between cinema and video and the reflection over the statute of the electronic arts in relation to the other arts and the history of media, themes which she has covered in numerous monographs, essays in volumes, contributions in journals, articles, books and catalogues.
She has carried out research, taught and held conferences and seminars in universities, institutes and cultural centres in various European and non-European countries. She has participated in numerous research groups and projects and, since 2012, has been the representative for the project “Raccontare la ricerca” ("Recounting research"), which consists of the creation of several videos dedicated to the research activity carried out at the University of Pisa, assigned by the University of Pisa Press and Communications Office to the Department of Civilisations and Forms of Knowledge.
In her field of study, she has devised and carried forward cultural initiatives, exhibitions, and festivals at local, national and international level and has collaborated in productive and operational activities.



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