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Entry into University and higher education is an important life-experience as it represents a decisive step towards achieving independence and reaching maturity. The transfer into university study can therefore be daunting and some students may find themselves confronted by certain problems.

We want our students to have the most fulfilling and pleasant university experience possible, and so, for this reason, the University of Pisa runs a counselling service ("Servizio di Ascolto e Consulenza") which is offered to all students. This service is available to those that want to resolve any specific issues or simply talk to someone.

Who can use the service?

The counselling service is aimed at students who are struggling to deal with any problems linked to their university experience, for instance issues relating to:

  • Adapting to university study and life;
  • Time management and organisation of study methods;
  • Relationships with colleagues and professors;
  • Concentration, anxiety, feelings of worthlessness and lack of motivation.

Purposes of the service

The purpose of this service is to provide students with the help and support of experienced and qualified professionals, who will help them to understand, confront and overcome their difficulties by:

  • Providing a listening space where students can feel at ease;
  • Developing appropriate strategies to help students manage any discomforts regarding their university experience;
  • Helping students to discover ways of handling their problems in an independent manner.

Organisation of the service

Students interested in these support services can choose to receive either individual support or group support.

Individual support involves attending a short series of 45-minute sessions hosted by one of our professionals. During these meetings, our professional counsellors will listen to any concerns communicated by our students and then identify ways of dealing with these issues. They will provide effective support and encourage students to become more self-aware.

Group support involves attending 8 weekly 90-minute sessions. During these meetings, different coping strategies will be discussed, including ways of: handling anxiety, easing emotional discomfort, improving social and interpersonal skills and generally supporting psychological well-being in order to have a better quality of life.

How can I book an appointment?

Students who are interested in getting involved must first complete a brief online questionnaire, in order to evaluate which type of support (individual or group) is most suitable for them. Students will receive an email with details of the recommended route based on the questionnaire results, and information on booking an appointment.

Students who are advised to seek individual support can book their first appointment online by accessing our virtual help desk and clicking "Accesso all'area riservata". You should login using the same credentials as those used for the Alice Portal, and then click "Prenotazione appuntamenti", followed by "Servizio di ascolto e consulenza psicologia". Students will then be able to choose the day and time of their appointment in the electronic calendar. Students will be able to book more appointments directly with our counsellors rather than online after they've had their first meeting.

Contact details

Where to find us

Servizio di Ascolto e Consulenza
Largo Bruno Pontecorvo, 3 (Edificio G) – 56127 Pisa
Tel. +39 050 2213608 Fax +39 050 2213610
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Dyslexia and Specific Learning Disorders

Studying can be quite slow and tiresome for students who have dyslexia or a learning disorder. In a number of cases, learning disorders such as these are misinterpreted as a lack of interest and motivation on the student's behalf. This can often have a negative impact on the student's academic career and his/her self-esteem, and therefore limit the student's personal development. We at the University of Pisa want all of our students to benefit from and enjoy their time studying with us.

For this reason, we have a "Welcome Project" in which experienced staff from the USID (Unità di Servizi per l'Integrazione degli studenti Disabili/Service Unit for the Integration of Special Needs students) assists students with learning disorders in planning and organising their studies at the University of Pisa.

Such assistance includes offering students a mediation service for written and oral exams with professors, and providing specific tutoring for academic activities such as taking class notes and recording lessons. The project also offers:

  • Information on the enrolment procedure and admission exams;
  • Individual meetings for academic guidance;
  • Diagnosis and a detailed updated certification for students who may not have an official diagnosis or may not be in possession of an updated diagnosis (i.e. more than 3 years).

If you are interested, don't hesitate to contact us (see below).

Contact details

Sportello Dislessia e DSA (Disturbi Specifici di Apprendimento)
Largo Bruno Pontecorvo, 3 (Edificio G) - 56127 Pisa
Tel. +39 050 2213434 Fax +39 050 2213610
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