The University of Pisa offers a low-price dining service to students through the Diritto allo Studio Universitario (DSU Toscana) agency.

In Pisa, there are five dining halls that may be accessible to students enrolled.

In order to access the university canteens you must have a temporary canteen card that can be obtained at the canteens themselves, or the student card given to the student along with the exam booklet.

In order to use in the canteens, the card must be activated online or alternatively at the canteen card offices: all information regarding costs and the application for reduced costs are available on the dedicated webpage.

The temporary canteen card can only be used in the canteens.

The Student Card is a magnetic card which allows those who attend any of the universities in Tuscany, to access all the services offered by the DSU, regardless of which university they are enrolled at. The card, which has function as a smart card, will allow access to all the university services, including the dining halls available at various institutions run by Ardsu Toscana, and also as an ‘electronic wallet’.

In case of loss, theft or damage of the student card, the owner must follow these steps.

Info and contacts

DSU Toscana
Piazza dei Cavalieri, 6
Tel. +39 050 567 397 - 441 - 462 - 463
E-mail Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo. 

Locations and opening hours for the University of Pisa's canteens can be found on the DSU Toscana website



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