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Water challenges in XXI century

Conferenza dell'International Water Association

data 11 Settembre 2017 - 13 Settembre 2017  |  luogo Villa Letizia Via dei Pensieri, 60, 57128 Livorno LI, Italia
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The third IWA conference “Water challenges in XXI century” jointly is organized by the Strategic Asset Management Specialist Group and by the Specialist Group on Statistics and Economics. The conference will be held in parallel with the 4th International Conference on Water Economics, Statistics and Finance, in the beautiful Livorno.

The conference global theme, “Economics, statistics, finance, infrastructure asset management and utility bankability”, underpins major challenges of water utilities around the world. Financial and operational sustainability of water services either in developed regions, emerging economies or developing countries is crucial, not only to assure adequate present and long term service levels, but also to attract financial resources needed for building, rehabilitating, refurbishing and renewing water infrastructures and assets.

In fact, the failure to effectively connect capital to infrastructure projects is holding back progress in water supply and sanitation goals, in developing countries. On the other hand, in developed countries, water infrastructures are degrading and public and private utilities are facing a huge backlog of replacement costs and rehabilitation, due to a lack of sustainable asset management practices. The implementation of long-term strategic policies are missing. In this framework, during the conference, water policy-makers and regulators, utility managers, planners and operators, scientists and academics, investing institution professionals, engineering developers and contractors, consultants and other water professionals from all over the world are invited to reflect, debate and present state-of-the art keynotes related to the improvement of water infrastructures’ performance and sustainability, in a global context of increasing risks and complexity.

Prof. Andrea Guerrini
University of Verona, Italy

Dr. Giulia Romano
University of Pisa, Italy


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