Pre-University schooling

Those who have intention to enroll in a three-year degree or in a single-cycle master's degree program at the University of Pisa must have completed at least 12 years of schooling in total (including primary school, eventual middle school and high school). These qualifications allow the carrying on of studies in the Italian higher education, if they have been achieved on the basis of at least the last two years of attendance with a positive outcome in the foreign educational system.

Please note: those who come from the Italian academic system and have only completed one year of high school and obtained the final qualification in a foreign academic system, can submit their documents for an evaluation in order to be enrolled by sending an email to: Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo.

The indication of years of schooling appears in the Declaration of Value released by the Italian diplomatic representative competent for the territory.

International students who have a course of study of less than 12 years, with only 10 or 11 years of schooling and who have intention to enroll at the University of Pisa, must:

-Present a certificate attesting the completion of one or two academic years or a post-secondary qualification. ATTENTION: this period of university studies cannot be evaluated for the purpose of granting an abbreviation of the Italian course of study, but it only serves to make up for the missing years to achieve the total 12 years required by the legislation. For this reason this period is accepted only for enrollment in the 1st year of the course;
-Or, alternatively, obtain an Italian secondary school diploma;
-Or, alternatively, if you meet the prescribed requirements, enroll in the Foundation Course Programmes.



US High School Diploma

Students holding a High School Diploma (HSD) who have passed at least three US "Advanced Placements" (APs) with a score from 3 to 5, in three different subjects and related to the university course selected can be enrolled in the first academic year.

The holding of an "AP" in Italian will be a mandatory requirement only for students with foreign citizenship. An "AP" in Italian will not be acceptable in the case of students with Italian citizenship or in the case of enrolment in courses taught entirely in English. These qualifications allow the continuation of studies in Italian higher education institutions if they have been awarded on the basis of at least the last two years of attendance, with a positive outcome, in the foreign education system.
It will be the responsibility of the higher education institutions to perform the evaluation of qualifications taking into account the entire education path followed, in line with the national and international regulations in force, and on the basis of their autonomy.

Students in possession of a High School Diploma which is followed and supplemented by two full years of a further "College" course (Associate degree) can also be enrolled. This enrolment will be possible even if the attendance of the course following the award of the High School Diploma qualification takes place in university institutions of a third country. In this case, the competent academic bodies of the Italian higher education institutions evaluate the overall adequacy of the study path itself, which cannot in any case last less than one year.


British qualifications

The final certifications called General Certificate of Education (GCE) and International Certificate of Education (IGCE), released by official certification bodies of the United Kingdom, allow the enrolment if they certify the approval of at least three subjects at high level (A level) related to the course of study requested, with a grade at least sufficient (passing grade). An A level in italian language will be required only for students with a foreign citizenship, so it will not be counted as part of the three A levels required for students with a foreign citizenship or in case of courses delivered only in English.

Furthermore, a combination of 3 different subjects from A level and Cambridge Pre-U Principal Subjects. The Cambridge Pre-U Diploma, composed by 3 Principal Subjects + Global Perspective and Research, can be evaluated by superior academic institutions instead of the 3 “A level” to access the first cycle. Remember that even with an A level or a Pre-U Principal Subject in Italian language will be required only for students with a foreign citizenship, so it will not count as part of the ones required in case of students with Italian citizenship or in case of course delivered entirely in English language.

Final Diplomas obtained in British schools of which in the Allegato 2- point 3 (in English: ATTACHMENT I, point 5) of the Nota Ministeriale, are valid to enrol to Italian Universities to the specific senses and conditions established by the agreements passed by Italy and Great Britain.

Scottish titles allow enrolment if they certify the passing of at least three Advanced Highers or alternatively 2 Advanced Highers and at least 4 Highers.


Greek academic titles "Apolityrion"

They allow enrollment only if they are achieved with a sufficient minimum grade of 10 out of 20 points. Candidates must also have obtained the "Veveosi Prosvasis" academic certificate. Only students who achieved an Apolityrion certificate before 1999 and who have a document certifying they were resident in Italy during the three-year period 1999-2001, corresponding to the transitional period established by the recent Greek legislation to achieve, by amnesty, the certificate of academic suitability "Veveosi Prosvasis" are exempt from needing the second certificate.


Albanian qualifications

They allow access to University education courses only if the student has passed the academic suitability exam (compulsory) introduced with the reform of the Albanian school system, or has already completed a previous University enrollment.


Qualifications issued by University Institutes of Clerical Studies, based in Italy and approved by the Holy See

These educational qualifications, must be certified by the competent ecclesiastical authorities. Candidates with such authenticated and legalized qualifications only present the copy of that title to the competent University and the original is produced after the admission tests, when an eventual effective application is made.

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