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The University of Pisa celebrates 25 years of being on the net

The University as a protagonist of the internet festival with exhibitions, conferences and didactic workshops which recount the history of the digital revolution

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a moment of the conferenceWith a rich program of events, conferences and didactic workshops at the Faculties of Sciences and Engineering and at the Museum of Calculating Instruments, the University of Pisa celebrates the net and Italy's first connection to internet which took place in Pisa 25 years ago.

On the occasion of the first edition of the Internet Festival, which took place in the month of May at Pisa, the University is promoting a series of initiatives on the most important sectors of IT research such as search engines, social networks, robotics, understanding of natural language and its applications to innovative networks, without neglecting other areas like medicine, the humanities, economics and the natural sciences which, thanks to IT, have been able to develop new spheres of research.

"Pisa has always been considered the 'cradle' of computer science," Nicoletta De Francesco ,Vice Chancellor at the University recalls. "It was here in fact that the first electronic calculator in Italy was designed and created in the second half of the nineteen fifties. Also it was at the University of Pisa where the first degree course in "Science of Information Technology" was instituted in 1969. Following that, in 1983, the first PhD course in IT was set up in Pisa University together with the Universities of Genoa and Udine. Furthermore, in 1986, the first internet connection in Italy was experimented in Pisa, the third in Europe after Norway and England. From that time on, our University has demonstrated its skills in maintaining leadership in IT research and 'networking' with a proactive and innovative role which bears witness also to the events we have programmed for this occasion."

The scientific events promoted by the University of Pisa are planned to recount the history of the digital revolution through its protagonists, illustrate the new applications in sectors such as medicine, and divulge the new frontiers of IT reseach.

Furthermore, at the Internet Festival, the University of Pisa will be the protagonist of a round table where the creation of the Tuscan digital Agenda will be debated. This will allow aid in best exploiting the potential of information technology and communication for encouraging innovation, economic growth and progress.

"This first edition of the 'Internet Festival' wishes to fulfil the task of a scientific education not limited solely to University studies, research laboratories and technological innovation," declares Gian Luigi Ferrari, professor of IT and organiser, at the University of Pisa, of the Internet Festival. "Divulging and spreading IT scientific knowledge means making the vast public at large understand the cultural challenges which accompany the adoption of a particular technological solution."

  • 28 April 2011

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