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Coronavirus: The new measures of the University of Pisa to contrast and contain the spread of the Coronavirus over the entire national territory

The message of the Rector: "students, do not meet to study or attend e-learning together"

The University of Pisa promptly implements the measures of the Presidential Decree of the Council of Ministers (DPCM) dated 9 March 2020. It includes the suspension of curricular training, the closure of libraries and study rooms and the rescheduling of all the meetings and workshops.
The Rector Paolo Mancarella issued a new Decree dated 10 March 2020 updating the former one (8 March 2020). It includes new stricter measures to contrast and contain the epidemiological emergency caused by COVID -19.

In order to help students, the Board of Directors of the University of Pisa, which met online for the first time on 13 March 2020, has approved a number of concessions with regard to the university fees.

In addition, by Rector’s Decree, which came into effect on Friday 13 March, the University of Pisa has now enabled the completion of final degree exams online. Following the new regulations, not only the candidates but also the president and secretary of the commission need not be present in person at the degree session.

These new measures – the Rector explains – raise the level of protection for our community. They require a sacrifice, I understand, but it is crucial now that we all do our part.
"A few of these measures concern the everyday life of our students - concludes the Rector – to whom I forward my message: do not meet to study or attend e-learning together. At this moment, it is important to minimize everyday contacts to contain the spread".
The new measures implemented by the Rector's decree and valid up to 3 April are the following:

  • all in-presence teaching activities in all degree Programmes of the University of Pisa (Bachelor's degrees, Master's degrees, Post- vocational courses, postgraduate vocational Programmes, PhD Programmes, and Specialization Schools (excluding those in Healthcare area) are suspended;
  • all curricular training, including those at external institutions or companies, are suspended;
  • in-presence laboratory activities are suspended;
  • Erasmus+ mobility is suspended with specific rules for curricular or extracurricular training;
  • Libraries and book lending are closed;
  • Study rooms and reference rooms are closed
  • All meetings, workshops, events, organized by the University of Pisa are suspended within the territory of the city of Pisa and in every other national region.

Graduation sessions, exams sessions and their registration shall be assured only by telematic facilities, as stated in the Rector's decree.

New necessary measures for administrative and technical staff. The Rector's decree provides a new work organization to promote and support, upon staff request, the usage of vacation days, days-off or hours' recovery time, on condition it causes no prejudice for the institutional activities linked to didactics and research.
A General Director’s provision will introduce Smart working.
All kind of front-office services will be assured remotely only.
All meetings, events or workshops will be suspended until 3 April 2020.

  • 10 March 2020

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