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Enabling Technologies for Industrial Internet of Things


The 2023 edition of the Summer School Enabling Technologies for Industrial Internet of Things (ET-I2oT 2023) is organized to provide 6 ECTS (about 52 hours of front lessons) in the fields of Electronics, RFID, Sensors, Networking, Web of Things, SW for IoT, Computer Engineering, targeting an audience of Bachelor (last year), Master and PhD students, early stage researchers and practitioners from Academia or Industry.
Both HW and SW aspects of IoT will be presented and discussed during the school.

Lecturers from University of Pisa, University of Kiel, University Grenoble Alpes.

A final exam is foreseen and it will consist in completing a technical report, starting from one of the subject of the course and integrated with data and infos from student experience, assigned the last day of the course. The technical report should be completed within 30 September 2023, to have the exam registered with a final mark and 6 ECTS.

Lessons will be held at Polo della memoria San Rossore 1938, via Risorgimento, 56126, Pisa, in Room D.

The program will be activated also in distance learning mode (TEAMS platform).


The summer school provides theoretical and practical lessons about recent advances in enabling technologies for electronics, electromagnetics, future wireless transceivers and wireless sensor networks, systems, edge and cloud computing, networks in scenarios such as IoT, Industry 4.0, Cyber-PhysicalSystems (CPS), autonomous vehicles, robots.

Wireless circuits and systems and internet technology are becoming pervasive in many applications fields such as Industry4.0 (e.g. RFID, additive manufacturing, smart manufacturing), vehicle industry (e.g. connected cars, advanced driver assistance systems, V2V and V2I wireless communications, radar, lidar), automation in industrial or domotic scenarios (e.g. wireless sensor and actuator networks), health&wellness (e.g. wireless wearable sensing and biomedical circuits), robots.

A final exam is foreseen. After passing the exam the University of Pisa will register the course as an official exam of 6 ECTS. Indeed, the school has got already an accreditation at European level being part of the network of European Summer Schools. The school in the past 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 editions hosted about 40 students/year, from 4 continents (Europe, America, Asia, Africa) with invited speakers like Federico Faggin, the "father of the microprocessor", Franco Maloberti, IEEE CAS society President, Lorenzo Fioramonti, past Minister for University and Research.

The teaching material has been published in the IEEE book "Enabling Technologies for the Internet of Things: Wireless Circuits, Systems and Networks", 2018, Editor: Sergio Saponara, University of Pisa, Italy, ISBN: 9788793609747

The 2023 program will be similar to the 2022 program available at

Who can apply

Bachelor (last year), Master and PhD students, in the field of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Management) disciplines, early stage researchers and practitioners from Academia or Industry



Program Intensity

Full time


Admission Requirements

To be a University student (Bachelor last year, Master and PhD) or having a University degree in the field of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Management) disciplines.

Required documents

  • Identity Document (*PASSPORT in case you are a foreign student*)
  • Enrolment Form
  • Curriculum Vitae

All the documents must be in pdf format, in order to upload them on the portal when required (See the "How to apply" page)


  • 22 May 2023: Application deadline (to be considered for the scholarship)
  • 20 June 2023: General application deadline
  • 31 May 2023: Scholarship selections results
  • 31 May 2023: Opening of the tuition fees payment portal
  • 3 July 2023: Tuition fees payment deadline




250 Euro

Pay the tuition fees only after receiving the admission letter via the following:

Payment Portal  


In consideration of the fact that the Summer school is offered in the on-line mode as an alternative to the in-class mode, there will be no refunds for tuition fees that have already been paid even if the in-presence attendance is not possible.


The University of Pisa offers 2 scholarships (each for the amount of 250 Euro) to participate to the Summer School, totally waivering the tuition fees (travel, accomodation and living costs are to be borne personally by each student).
All applicants that will apply within 22 May 2023 will be considered for the scholarship. 
Selections results will be notified by 31 May 2023. 
Priority will be given to women for gender balance and/or to students with special needs coming from developing countries.


20 -27 July 2023

Application Deadline

20 June 2023


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