Consult our CV database and advertise vacancies

Through our web portal, powered by AlmaLaurea, you can easily:

  • access the CVs of University of Pisa graduates
  • advertise your vacancies on the bulletin board

To access the CVs of graduates, thus knowing the potential candidates you might want to contact, you can consult this table that summarizes the numbers of graduates by department.

This function allows you to see the characteristics of the graduates without immediately accessing their personal data.

Only after registrationit will be possible to consult their CVs.

The database access service is free of charge for CVs of graduates who have obtained their qualification within 12 months. If you want to reach out to senior profiles, there are some costs depending on some variables. Don't hesitate to contact us for information.

The web portal allows, with the same registration, to advertise vacancies for internships, placements and permanent work positions.



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