Admission requirements

For the enrolment in Second Cycle Degree Programs the admission requirements are the following:

  • University qualification approved by current laws
  • Curriculum requirements defined by the single Degree program regulations
  • Adequate personal skills to be assessed according to the single Degree program regulations

Information on curriculum requirements and on personal skills assessment are available at the relevant degree programs webpage.

Terms and procedures for admission request

Once submitted the admission request, the curriculum requirements and the personal skills will be assessed under the single Degree Program regulations.

Your admission request may be monitored on the Ammissionelm portal (log in with Alice user ID and password).

After positive assessment the enrolment in the selected degree program is automatic.

In absence of curriculum requirements, enrolment is not allowed.

The Degree Program Council will give instructions for the additional learning activities to fulfil the requirements up to 40 CFU: the acceptance of these additional learning activities will allow the enrolment in single Transition Courses.

Personal skills can be assessed as follows:

  • Admission without conditions to the degree program
  • Admission subject to a specific study program (within 120 CFU) with detailed learning activities: a study program can be changed within 30 days from enrolment
  • No admission to degree program with specific motivation: the Degree Program Council may decide for the fulfilment of personal skills by additional learning activities (up to 40 CFU) and suggest the enrolment in single Transition courses to achieve the required skills.


For all and complete details, please see the italian page available here

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