PhD Programmes

The PhD is a third level cycle degree, with a 3-year-duration, and it represents the highest level of education provided by the Italian academic system. It teaches the necessary skills to carry out high quality research activities at universities, public or private entities. In order to apply, the student must be in possession of a Master's degree, or an equivalent academic qualification obtained abroad, and recognized as eligible for the admission. The call for admission is normally issued in the month of July. The University encourages the participation of foreign students and relationships with the socio-economic and productive system.

List of PhD programmes for the a.y. 2014-2015 according to Area:


1. Natural Sciences

  • Mathematics (some courses in English)
  • Physics (in English)
  • Computer Science (in English)
  • Chemical Sciences and Sciences of Materials
  • Earth Sciences (joint with the University of Florence)
  • Biology
  • Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (with the University of Siena)


2. Health Sciences

  • Clinical and Translational Sciences
  • Clinical Physiopathology
  • Sciences of Drugs and Bioactive Substances
  • Neurosciences (joint with the University of Florence)
  • Molecular Medicine (joint with the University of Siena)

3. Humanities

  • History and Oriental Studies
  • Classical Studies and Archaeology
  • Philosophical Disciplines and History of Science (joint with the University of Florence)
  • Philology, Literature and Linguistics
  • Philosophy

4. Social Sciences

  • Business Administration and Management
  • Legal Sciences
  • Political Sciences
  • Economics (joint with the University of Siena)

5. Engineering

  • Energy, Systems, Territory and Construction Engineering
  • Information Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Civil and Environmental Engineering (joint with the University of Florence and the University of Braunschweig)

6. Applied Sciences

  • Veterinary Sciences
  • Agricultural, Environmental and Food Sciences

Admission requirements

The candidate must be in possession of a Master's degree, or an equivalent academic qualification obtained abroad which will then be examined by the Board. It is to the University's discretion to accept candidates who will obtain their degree after the deadline of the admission process, but before the day of enrollment.

How to enroll in the PhD programme

There are two different ways to access the doctoral program:

1. Through an admission process

2. By supernumerary status (status 'soprannumerario')

1. How to sign up to the admission process

In order to participate in the application process, the student must register online and pay for the examination fees.

The foreign diploma must be translated, authenticated by the Italian embassy/consulate and accompanied by the "Dichiarazione di valore in loco" (Certificate of qualification or diploma). This diploma will then be examined by the International Office which will make sure the documents are in order and up-to-date allowing the candidate to participate in the admission process for the PhD.

2. Supernumerary (status "Soprannumerario")

Candidates may also be admitted, at any moment, to a doctoral program under the supernumerary category if:

  • s/he holds a scholarship or a similar form of funding which is part of projects promoted by the European Union and / or other European and international organizations. The department has to give its consent. This entails verifying the appropriateness of the research topic according to the scientific-disciplinary themes of the course and assessing the suitability of the candidate for admission;
  • s/he is a non-EU citizen who does not reside in Italy, and is interested in enrolling in a doctoral program at the University of Pisa. As part of the department's criteria to give its consent, it needs to verify the candidate's appropriate level of scientific training, academic experience and professional background as well as the level of interest in the programme's discipline. Such verification may be done by reviewing the curriculum and/or through a video-conference interview. A candidate who has been admitted to the programme with this last procedure needs to demonstrate, at the start of the PhD program, that s/he has a form of economic support from the country of origin, in order to conduct his/her PhD research.


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