Academic guidance

The University offers specific services to assist you at all moments of your academic experience: before, during and after.


The University has an Orientation committee which organizes "Open Days" and initiatives to present each Department's academic offer and services to high school students and teachers as well as information on the admission exam. For example: Engineering Open Days, Medicine Open Days, University Open Days.

This committee is composed of University representatives for each Department and is responsible for guidance activities for incoming students.

Orientation test for high school students

Success in university studies strongly depends on your learning techniques. The University offers a test for high school students which is specifically aimed at helping them understand key features regarding how they study. The test focuses on three aspects in particular:

  • the way you collect and process information in order to make an informed choice;
  • study method;
  • attitudes and beliefs that guide your approach to studying.

After you have filled out the test, which takes only a few minutes and can be done online, you can print the result which will show a profile based on the answers given. It will also give suggestions on how to improve the study method and how to cope with school problems. If you would like to discuss the test results you may contact the Counseling service.


Each degree programme has a President and a board of advisors, composed of professors, representing each of the subjects taught in the related Programme. Advisors assist students in creating their own Plan of Study and help them resolve any issues they may have with a given discipline. In order to ensure this process, advisors are available to meet at given hours during the week.

For international students, each Department has a "CAI" ("Internationalisation Area Coordinator"), assisted by at least one administrative helper, in order to manage the mobility of students, teaching and administrative staff, and internationalisation in general.

Job placement

Job placement is a web portal serving three types of public: students who have graduated and are looking for a job; potential employers interested in hiring; and University staff-members who work as intermediaries and counselors in this sector. Students have the opportunity to understand how the job market functions, prepare for job interviews or even learn how to start their own business.

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